500 Hour Training

The School for Yoga at Experience Yoga Studios now offers a 300/500 hour, Yoga Alliance Approved Yoga Teacher Training Program so you can continue your in-depth yoga studies and personal growth.

Join Us for an Information Session On Friday, August 25, 2017 @ 6:30pm

Can’t make the Info Session? Email Jill directly at eysteachertraining@gmail.com and she will contact you to answer your questions.

300 Hour/ 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training:

A Yoga School for All Yogis (not just yoga teachers)

With Jill Blumenstock (and friends)

This training is designed for you to explore the whole yoga world and learn about yoga in depth. You will learn a little bit at a time so that you can fully practice and integrate each topic into your everyday life.

There is so much more to yoga than what we are able to learn in a regular yoga class.

  • Yoga Philosophy can help you understand your psychology and the deeper purpose behind yoga, while giving you wisdom that makes life easier.
  • Ayurveda (the science of life itself and medical side of yoga) can give you a customized lifestyle and diet that works best for your unique makeup and can balance your mood and mind.
  • Yoga Therapeutics can help you understand and love your body, while preventing injuries and soothing aches and pains so it can function at its best.
  • Studying Sanskrit and practicing chanting can help you use the technology of sound to uplift your vibration and open your heart.
  • Meditation, pranayama, and working with the energy body (Chakras, Meridians) can free you from your limits while revitalizing you and equipping you to make your dreams happen.
  • Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, and Yoga Nidra can help you melt stress away and tap into the settled heart of you that is already fulfilled.
  • Vedic Astrology helps you know and accept yourself and align with divine timing. Knowing the reason behind how you feel and the purpose for time in your life helps you make the most of it.

The more that you know about yoga, the more you can use it in your everyday life to care for your health, well-being, mind, heart, and spiritual growth. The potential for yoga to transform our lives is endless.

And the more you can learn about yoga, the more you can use its wisdom and techniques to profoundly help the people in your life- your loved ones, your co-workers, and your yoga students. You can change the world through yoga.

A Note from Jill: “It has taken me and tens of thousands of hours and dollars to learn about yoga. I would like to make it easier to learn and cheaper for my students to study yoga.”

There are three components to this program:

  • In depth courses on all aspects of Yoga
  • An online and in person Yoga Community
  • A way to leave your own yoga legacy

Part 1: In Depth Courses on All Aspects of Yoga and Get a Yoga Diploma!

Each topic will be taught in a 1 day, 4 week, or 8 week Course that will meet for 2-3 hours weekly on either Tuesday nights, Thursday nights, Friday nights, Saturday mornings, or Sunday evenings. There also will be a few weekend courses throughout the year. There will be about 1 or 2 courses a month. Each course will not only teach you about a yoga topic, but also how to share it skillfully with others- as a yoga teacher, in your work, or for your family and friends.

It is not required to take every course every month. Take only the courses that you are interested in whenever you feel ready to learn more. If you take one 4 week course each month, it will take you about 3 years to get the required hours needed for your 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training certification.

The curriculum is chosen by Jill and the students in the program. Each quarter, the entire school meets and determines what yoga topics we want to study next.

Each course will give you a certain number of hours toward a yoga degree!

  • Yoga teachers can accumulate hours toward their 500 hour RYT certification with Yoga Alliance while getting their yearly continuing education credits with Yoga Alliance (Jill is a certified Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider). There will be a few required courses and extra homework to fulfill these requirements. Contact Jill for more specific details.
  • Non-yoga teachers can build hours toward their own yoga degrees and graduation ceremony that the school issues to recognize and honor their dedication to the study of yoga.
  • If you have taken Jill’s Yin Yoga Teacher Training or one of her Vedic Astrology classes, those hours can be counted towards your certificate!

Part 2: An Online and In Person Yoga Community with Jill’s guidance and support

Do you miss being in teacher training and sharing your journey with like hearted people who loved yoga? Jill does too. That is why she created a very special online community- so that yogis in the school can stay connected, share their love of yoga, and support each other.

  • A Facebook Group for all yogis enrolled in the school
    1. Live Broadcasts with Jill. There is a Facebook group where there will be ongoing support through regular live broadcasts with Jill where you can ask her questions about your yoga practice, your journey, and the topics we are studying this month. In these live interactive videos, she will also keep you updated on the latest planetary shifts using Vedic Astrology and the seasonal shifts you need to be aware of to adjust your diet, lifestyle, and yoga practice using Ayurveda.
    2. There will also be monthly yoga challenges with pdfs and guided practices to give extra support.
  • Regular Yoga School get-togethers! There will be group meditations, group yoga practices, and chanting kirtans at Experience Yoga.
  • There will also be opportunities for one-on-one sessions and small group support from Jill for mentoring for yoga teachers, Vedic Astrology readings, and spiritual growth and general life guidance.

Part 3: Leave a Legacy of Yoga in South Jersey

Jill’s Dream for the School: “Lately, I have been thinking about leaving a legacy- creating something in this lifetime that is bigger than yourself that you can leave behind for the next generation to continue after you are gone. I want to give yoga teachers more opportunities to teach to share their wisdom and love of yoga. I want to make teaching yoga a viable profession so that more of you are able to follow your dream and be full time yoga teachers. What I ultimately want to do with the yoga school is to teach all of my students everything I know about yoga in depth, completely pass it on, and then let my students take over the school and use that knowledge and create their own courses that they can offer to the Yoga School in the 200 hour, 300 hour/500 hour, and future 1,008 hour Yoga Teacher Training programs.”

Before graduation, each student in the school will have the opportunity to do a service project to give back to the school in their own unique way. You can lead your own monthly challenge, add to the archive of yoga resources, start your own small group, lead an in person meetup, or develop your own course that may become part of the school’s curriculum! There are so many ways to serve.

After graduating, you will become eligible to teach at the yoga school!

Online Archive: Everything we create together will be stored in an online archive of yoga resources and recordings from the online community and the school.

To Join the Yoga School

There is an application fee of $108 to make sure that those enrolled in the school are dedicated to the community and their study of yoga. This includes a one-on-one phone session with Jill to welcome you to the program and help you set goals for your yoga practice and study.

  • Apply to the School by filling out the application and paying the application fee. Pay the application fee here. Fill out the online application by CLICKING HERE.
  • Join the online Yoga Community. Instructions for how to do this will be sent to you after you apply.
  • Start taking courses! You can find an updated list on Experience Yoga’s Special Classes page. Please Note: the courses that specifically apply to the 500 hour training will say that in the description. Some classes that may be listed on this page are not part of the 500 hour curriculum.

Estimated Tuition for the Yoga School

By participating in the school, you financially support yoga scholars like Jill who are committed to studying yoga in depth and passing it on. A Note from Jill: “The opportunity to issue yoga scholarships for yoga trainings is a big dream I have for the school one day.”

  • Cost for the Courses: Each individual course will vary in price, but we will try to keep each course at a low hourly rate. Estimated cost for the 300 hour program is between $4500-$5000.
  • Monthly fee for the Yoga Community: $25 per month to cover Jill’s time, maintenance of the school/use of the studio, and funding assistance for her further study. A reduced rate is available for those with financial restrictions-please talk to Jill.
  • If you would like to join a small group mentoring or get monthly private sessions with Jill, there will be an additional monthly fee for as long as you need it.


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