45 Hour Training

EYS Level 1 Intensive – 45 hour Basic Beginner Yoga Teacher Training
with Jill Blumenstock E-RYT

This training is designed for students interested in deepening the foundation of their own yoga practice and/or learning the basics of teaching yoga. Our Level 1 intensive will provide students the ability to teach a basic Beginner Yoga class with an understanding of basic yoga poses. It is also suitable for those who wish to learn more about yoga but do not wish to teach.  This program is ideal for those who want to build up their skills and confidence level before entering a 200 hour program or wish to start teaching yoga before a 200 hour program is undertaken. Upon completion of the intensive, you will receive a certificate of completion from Experience Yoga Studios.

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This training will specifically include:

  • How to teach over 30 basic yoga poses including variations, modifications, use of props, and common misalignments. These poses include: Centering and Warm-ups · Sun Salutations · Basic Standing Poses · Basic Balancing Poses · Simple Backbends · Forward Bends · Basic Twists · Supported Shoulder Stand · Savasana
  •     An Introduction into Yoga Philosophy and History
  •     Basic breathing and meditation techniques
  •     How to begin and end a class
  •     How to plan a class: sequencing and theme-building
  •     The Art of Teaching: how to use voice and language, observations skills, tips etc.
  •     The Business of Yoga: how to find a job
  •     Practice teaching and lots of supportive feedback
  •     Weekly homework designed to help you plan your class slowly and build your teaching skills over time.
  •     Practice and personal journal writing

To complete this program, you must:

  • Attend all sessions (if you have to miss a session, arrangements can be made on a case by case basis
  • Read the manual and supplemental materials
  • Complete weekly journaling and/or homework (it won’t be graded)
  • Cultivate a regular yoga practice: You must take a yoga class or watch a yoga video once a week.
  • In addition, you must practice at home at least once a week (at least 20 or 30 minutes) preferably much more.
  • Teach a 45 minute to 1 hour beginner yoga class.

Fall 2020 Schedule

Saturdays 11:00am – 7:00pm
Sundays 10am-5 pm

Meeting Date Topics Covered
Oct. 10 & 11
  • Introductions- Go over expectations and requirements
  • How to approach teacher training, finding balance
  • What is Yoga- Philosophy overview, History
  • Yoga Alignment- Tadasana
  • Introduction to the Breath
  • Pranayama: Discovery Breath
Oct. 24 & 25
  • Introduction to Meditation Course Week 1
  • Opening and Closing a class, Savasana
  • Learning and teaching poses systematically
  • Sun Salutation Poses
  • Standing Poses
  • Homework: Watch Sequencing Videos
Nov. 21 & 22
  • Introduction to Meditation Course Week 2
  • Mentors Party and Alumni Q& A
  • Teach Who You Are: Define Your Style, Mission Statement
  • Balancing Poses, Backbends, Twists & Forward Bends
  • Cultivating a Home Practice (and journaling your practice)
  • Practice teaching
  • Pranayama: Chest and Belly Brea
  • Final classes
  • (Schedule to be determined)

Application Fee & Tuition:
There is a $75 application fee, which should be submitted with your application.
Tuition is $695. A deposit of $150 is due one week before the training begins. The tuition balance of $545 is due in full no later than the first day of training.

Yoga classes are not included in the fee.  Teacher training fees are not refundable once training has started.

Students are encouraged to further their study and understanding of yoga by continuing with our 200 hour Yoga teacher training program. Once enrolled in our Level 1 Intensive program if you decide to continue with the currently ongoing 200 hour training your 45 hour payment will be applied to the 200 hour tuition. A monthly payment program is available with this option.

If you are interested in participating in Experience Yoga’s 45 hour Level 1 Intensive/Teacher Training
please fill out the online application by CLICKING HERE. You may also contact Jill directly at eysteachertraining@gmail.com

Pay your $75 application fee by
 to make your $150 deposit.
to pay $695 in full

The EYS-Level 1 Intensive 45 Hour program is not affiliated with Yoga Alliance.

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