200 Hour Training

EYS 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher Training Program
with Jill Blumenstock E-RYT

The 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Jill Blumenstock will now be offered through Fitness Yoga Studios in Mullica Hill, NJ. Please email Jill at jillblumenstockyoga@gmail.com for more information.

This training has opened me up to the possibilities of life. It has freed me from my life long battle with anxiety and has given me a purpose for my life after raising my children. I now believe I will live out my life in a healthy, positive, joyful and inspired way. I feel like I have reached the mountain top and can see the vast landscape beyond. Yoga will sustain me as a lifelong pursuit. – Mary  

My yoga teacher training was a life changing experience. Jill Blumenstock teaches in a way that resonates with her students. Not only did she share her vast knowledge and experience, but she encouraged us to be the best teachers we can be. She is a brilliant teacher and amazing human being. I feel more than prepared to begin sharing the gift of yoga with others. I would recommend this program to anyone. – Amanda

The 200 hour yoga teacher training was one of the best gifts I’ve ever given myself. I have grown in so many areas of my life and have discovered what brings me happiness. Jill and the other students have become a great support system that I will value long after the training ends. – Shannon

In many ways, I am a new person after completing my teacher training. Jill Blumenstock has a wealth of knowledge about the practice of yoga, and I am so grateful for the caring and conscientious manner in which she has shared that knowledge with me and the other students in teacher training. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to learn from Jill. – Amy 

This training is perfect for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the study and practice of yoga and learn how to guide others using the tools of this transformational path. Our hope is that you will develop a strong personal yoga practice, a complete understanding of the yoga world, and an authentic voice so that you can teach yoga from your heart.

What makes our program special: an equal emphasis on practice, teaching, and self-development

  • Each weekend feels like a yoga retreat! There will be lots of opportunities to practice.
  • We emphasize the practical application of yoga and focus on how yoga can revitalize our bodies and help us navigate our everyday lives. There is a special emphasis on: how yoga works, cares for the body, and leads to personal transformation and ultimately enlightenment.
  • You will also get a complete introduction to the yoga world. We will explore Ayurveda, Yoga Philosophy, Chanting, and Vedic Astrology, as well as other styles of yoga like Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Partner Yoga, and Yoga Nidra.
  • Each session will start with chanting, pranayama, meditation, and a yoga practice that will highlight an area of yoga alignment with a theme related to yoga philosophy. There will also be time for self-reflection, discussion, and personal growth exercises that will help you grow and understand yourself.
  • You will also be given the tools to cultivate a daily home yoga and meditation practice so you can live your yoga every day.
  • Included in the training is a weekend-long yoga retreat for teachers where you can relax and indulge in yoga practice and contemplation.
  • Each weekend is also part teaching lab with plenty of opportunities to practice teaching yoga. You build your skills slowly over time.
    • We make learning how to teach poses easy and systematic by using principles that point out the common alignment cues that apply to all poses in a category. These same principles of alignment also apply to poses outside the scope of this training giving you the tools to incorporate new poses into your classes over time.
    • You will receive two 300 page manuals and a third practice manual so you don’t have to worry about taking notes in class. These manuals include everything you need to know about yoga. You can also use them after teacher training ends to continue your study and development as a teacher.
    • Because so much is in the manual, we spend less time on lecture and more time practicing teaching skills. You also get to teach two classes: a half class with a partner and a full 1 hour yoga class at the end.
    • You will learn how to teach a basic class in the first three weekends of the training (which is combined with the 45 hour training). That way, you can start teaching yoga classes right away! Many students even get teaching jobs during the training to help finance their journey.
    • You will learn about sequencing, creating themes and bringing wisdom into your class, hands on adjustments, observation, demonstration, and using language. You will also learn how to open and close a class, how to get creative and make your classes extra-special, and how to modify your classes for advanced students or beginners, while taking care of those with injuries.
  • This training also gives you the customized guidance and support you need to be your truest and best self.
    • Jill’s loving presence creates an environment where you feel accepted and encouraged to be yourself so you can take the brave steps necessary to grow and authentically teach your yoga. You also will receive the support of your new yoga friends: the like-hearted community of your fellow students, the graduates from past trainings, and the wonderful teachers at Experience Yoga.
    • Jill also customizes the training each year to the teacher training students. The students collectively help decide what practices and topics we will cover. She also guides each student individually in designing their own style of teaching yoga and lets each student progress at their own pace.
    • Your personal growth and growth as a teacher is also supported by two one-on-one mentoring sessions over the phone with Jill (one during the training and one at the end). There also will be a few online webinars and a Facebook group where we can keep in touch in between sessions.

This training is also flexible. We want to give everyone the opportunity to become a yoga teacher- no matter what your schedule is. The 200 hour yoga teacher training schedule is very flexible and missed classes can easily be made up, because all of the information we cover in class is contained in our detailed manual. If you have to miss more a few weekends or if you work on weekends, contact Jill at jillblumenstockyoga@gmail.com to see if we can create an alternative plan for you.


We recommend at least 6 months of some level of experience with yoga but Jill evaluates each student individually so please don’t hesitate to fill out an online application if you are interested. You may fill out the application HERE. Jill will then contact you to see if our program would be a good fit for you.

200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Schedule

Saturdays 11:00am-7:00 pm
Sundays 10am-5pm

October 10,11
October 24,25
November 21,22
December 5,6
January 2,3
February 6,7
March 6,7
March 27,28
April 24,25
Saturday, May 8
May 22,23
June 5,6

Make Up Days: June 19, June 26
Bonus Day: Saturday, January 15th, 2022

2019/2020 Bonus Day: Saturday, January 9, 2021

**To receive more information about the training (such as the required reading and a more detailed syllabus), fill out an application HERE or email Jill at jillblumenstockyoga@gmail.com**

Tuition Investment:

 Application Fee for 45-hour & 200 Hour Programs: $75. **Submit your application & fee no later than September 26, 2020.** The application fee is in addition to the tuition, and is due with your application. Pay the application fee here. Remember to fill out the online application.

45-Hour Tuition: $695. Due in full by 10/4/20 (the 45-hour tuition can be applied towards the 200-hour tuition should you decide to continue beyond the 45 hours). Pay in full for the 45-hour training here.

200-Hour Tuition: $. Due in full by 10/4/20, unless you are using the payment plan option. See below for payment plan information. Full Tuition payments (less any previous deposits) must be made in person at the studio.

Early Bird Savings! Save $100. Pay your tuition in full no later than September 26, 2020 and tuition is $.

(Please note: classes at Experience Yoga are not included in the tuition-see below for a special offer on classes exclusively for EYS Yoga Teacher Trainees):

Tuition Payment Plan (the total tuition you pay with this plan is $):

First Deposit: $300 due no later than 10/4/2020. Make your payment here.

Second Deposit: $375 due no later than the first day of training.

The remaining balance of $ will be automatically billed as 9 payments of $.  Sign up for the payment plan at the studio no later than the first day of training. Note: If you sign up for the 45-hour, then later switch to the 200-hour, you can still use the automatic payment plan if needed. Contact Laura at info@myfitnessyoga.com to make the arrangements.

A Special Offer on Classes for EYS Yoga Teacher Trainees:

You are encouraged to practice at Experience Yoga during your training to help you further integrate what you’re learning. And we have a super sweet deal on classes exclusively for yoga teacher trainees:

If you sign up for the 200 hour training, you can get unlimited, regularly scheduled classes from the first day of training through July 31 for only $399. Payment in full is due by the first day of training to receive this rate. If you need to incorporate this option into your payment plan, the fee is $49.89 per month for 9 months (or $449 in total).

Please fill out the online teacher training application by CLICKING HERE.
Please pay your application fee HERE.
Click here to make your deposit.

Refund Policy:

  • Teacher training fees, class fees, & tuition are not refundable once training has started.
  • Initial deposit and any other monies paid will be refunded less a $50 processing fee if you cancel by 10/05/19.
  • If Experience Yoga Studios cancels the training or you are not accepted in the program, your initial deposit and any paid tuition will be refunded in full.

For  any questions about tuition or the payment plan please contact Laura at info@myfitnessyoga.com

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